Mat Classes

These are small group classes that teach all of the Pilates principles on floor mats. Commitment to learning the mat work will allow you to have a “take-home” workout that will keep you in shape.

Classes are divided by skill level because Pilates is developmental. It is important to learn how to perform the basic movements safely before moving on to higher levels. Mat classes run monthly based on pre-registration and are 45 minutes.

What To Wear

Wear comfortable clothing that allows free movement. Cotton and Lycra work well, nylon is too restrictive. Please insure that you have full coverage, no high-cut running shorts.

You may want an outer layer that you can remove once you get warmed up. Street shoes are left out in the coatroom; socks are worn in the studio. If you pull your hair back, elastics are easier on the equipment and more comfortable for you.

“How many times each week should I do Pilates?”

Exercise is an investment in your health and, therefore, deserves your commitment. As your foundation fitness program, you should consider three times per week as the minimum in order for your investment to pay off.

Try to build on that by adding other forms of exercise, especially aerobic, another three times each week. Keep in mind that the mat work is a “take-home” program. Once you learn it, you own it.

We encourage you to do as much as possible independently.

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Mat/Tower Class Make-Up Policy

Mat class rates are calculated on a monthly basis. Without a full month’s commitment, the fee charged is the drop-in rate. The instructor may “hold” those drop-in classes you can make, only if you pay the full drop-in fees in advance.

Missed classes can be made up in the same month, with the same instructor, as long as there is another class being offered at the same level, and as long as there is space available. Although we will try to be accommodating, make-up classes are not guaranteed.

As a courtesy, please call ahead if you cannot make class, or if you plan on attending a class as a make-up. We regret that we cannot offer refunds or discounts due to missed classes, please schedule accordingly.